Chongxian Port Investment

Chongxian Port Investment is strategically located in the west of Chongxian New City, north of Hangzhou, on the east bank of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and next to the National Highway No. 320 and Jiaxing-Huzhou Expressway. It is one of the key inland port operations in the PRC, being part of an inland port in Hangzhou known as Chongxian Port. Chongxian Port is the largest inland port in Hangzhou in terms of the total number of berths and the scale of annual throughput, and Chongxian Port Investment has been ranked as the top inland ports in Hangzhou for the transportation of steel products. It is a large and comprehensive logistics complex that integrates, inter alia, port operation, storage processing and logistics distribution for steel products. Chongxian Port Investment has a total NLA of approximately 112,726 sq m and a remaining lease tenure of approximately 40 years.

Property Type



Hangzhou City

Net Lettable Area (NLA)

112,726 m2

Number of Tenants


Committeed Occupancy


Car Park Lots


[1] Occupancy as at 31 December 2015