The Sponsor


The Sponsor, Forchn Holdings Group Co., Ltd., established in 1992, is a conglomerate with businesses in in supply chain, intelligent manufacturing, medical care and healthcare, finance and other sectors.

Some of the notable awards and accolades which the Sponsor has received are:

  • National Science and Technology Progress Award (1st runner-up) (国家科技进步二等奖)
  • 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Model Award (2020企业社会责任典范奖)
  • 2019 Global Zhejiang Merchants Gold Award (2019全球浙商金奖)
  • Shanghai Top 100 Private Enterprises (上海民营企业100强)
  • China Top 100 Building Energy Conservation Enterprises (中国建筑节能100强企业)
  • National Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise (国家守合同重信用企业)
  • Shanghai Famous Trademark (上海著名商标)
  • Top 10 Zhejiang Returnee Investment Model Enterprise (浙江省回乡投资十大模范浙商)

The Sponsor has extensive operating experience in the fields of construction and logistics, and has independently invested more than 20 billion yuan in the Zhejiang Province. This includes its investment in and the construction of the Chongxian Port facility, which is recognised as a key construction project by the PRC Government at both provincial and national levels in the PRC and ranks among the top three inland ports by scale (excluding those on the Yangtze River) in the PRC. The Sponsor is also an operator of the Chongxian Port facility.

The Sponsor's industrial division undertakes research and development, manufacturing and distribution of cutlery products under the China-renowned trademark of “Zhang Xiao Quan 张小泉” (which has been established since 1628 and is a popular brand in the PRC). Another sector of its industrial division specialises in the manufacturing of building materials, with a focus on environmentally-friendly products, including aerated concrete products, thermal-insulation and energy-saving wall materials and integrated building systems.

The Sponsor has partnered with Fosun Group in the real estate industry. Orient Merchant Construction & Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture between the Sponsor and Fosun Group, has established itself as the leading property firm in the commercial and cultural real estate sector through its investment, development, operation and management of key projects such as Dongyang China Woodcarving Culture Expo City, Hangzhou New World - Est Mall, Fuyang Fucheng International - Est Mall.

The Sponsor’s finance division includes a management platform for merger and acquisitions and private equity funds, and undertakes equity investment in a micro-credit loan company.

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The Sponsor has actively engaged in the strategic restructuring of its existing operations in industrial properties and port logistics to an e-commerce model.

In 2013, the Sponsor expanded its operations in the growing e-commerce market with the launch of Ruyicang, an integrated smart warehouse logistics services platform. “Ruyicang”. According to independent market research reports, Ruyicang is a leading professional e-commerce warehousing and logistics operator in China. Through commodity-centric logistics data applications and a national warehouse network, it provides businesses and consumer goods to be store in the same warehouse for warehouse management, multi-regional warehouse distribution as well as cross-border distribution.

As one of the co-sponsors of Cainiao Network Technology Co., Ltd., Forchn Holdings has successfully secured a footing in the e-commerce logistics sector. Other sponsors include Alibaba, Yintai Group, Fosun Group and five other major logistics companies. Cainiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. operates China's smart logistics backbone network which creates an open, transparent and data sharing platform for e-commerce, logistics companies, warehousing companies, third-party logistics providers and supply chain managers.

Through its foray into the PRC e-commerce market, the Sponsor has also developed expertise in relation to "business-to-consumer" (known as B2C) and "business-tobusiness" (known as B2B) e-commerce models that enables it to efficiently cater to both direct commercial transactions with end consumers, as well as businesses alike.